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circa 750AD

Uí Liatháin circa 750AD

Annals of the Four Masters (Munster):
· For 636/40, The battle of Cathair Chinncon, in Munster, was gained by Aenghus Liathan, over Maelduin, son of Aedh Beannan.

  • For 645, The battle of Carn Conaill was gained by Diarmaid, son of Aedh Slaine against Guaire, wherein were slain the two Cuans, namely, Cuan, son of Enda, King of Munster, and Cuan, son of Conall, chief of Ui Fidhgeinte; and Tolamhnach, chief of Ui Liathain; and Guaire was routed from the battle field.
  • For 726, Ceallach, daughter of Dunchadh, of the Ui Liathain, died
    (Ceallach was a queen in Ulster)
  • For 745, Anmchaidh, chief of Ui Liathain, died.
  • For 760, Dungalach, chief of Ui Liathain, died.
  • For 785, Cinaedh, son of Anmchaidh, lord of Ui Liathain, died.
  • For 944, Cairpre, son of Mael Patraic, king of Ui Liathain, and Finn, son of Mutan, king of Corcu Laigdi, were killed by the men of Mag Feine.
  • For 1014, Muirchertach, mac Anmchada, tigherna Ua Liatháin, was slain.
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